Bogojina 311

We offer locally and home-grown food. Our culinary offer includes “dődoli” dressed with cracklings, roast pork and ribs, pork with beetroot, goulash, home-made meats and spreads, venison dishes, pastry “gibanica” from Prekmurje, “posolanka”, retaši (strudel), home-made ice cream and our own bottled wines. We also offer seasonal dishes from wild garlic, asparagus, kohlrabi, and pumpkin, in short, what is appropriate for the season.

We breed pigs, grow our own cereals (wheat, buckwheat), grow vegetables and pumpkins for pumpkin oil. We have our own processing of dried meat products and a certificate for Prekmurje ham. All home-grown raw materials are also used in food preparation. You can also buy all these products in our store. The store also has an ageing room where Prekmurje ham ages.

Well-being with us and home cooking are what make guests always like to come back to us.