Dolgovaške Gorice 229
9220 Lendava

The 53.5 m high the Vinarium Lendava Observation Tower offers a beautiful 360°view of the colourful landscape, which stretches from Lendavske gorice, where the tower is proudly placed, all the way to the Mura river basin, and captures a beautiful view of the plains and hills of four countries: Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Austria.  You can ascend to the highest viewing platform of the tower by elevator or go up the 240 steps on foot and experience the ascent to the most beautiful viewpoint far and wide in an authentic way. After you finish enjoying the beautiful view, take beautiful photos and take a breath-taking selfie more than 50 m above the ground, you are invited to the ground floor for fragrant home-made culinary delights, a taste of top local wines and juices.


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