Grad 174
9264 GRAD

Are you in the mood for a volcanic adventure?

Come to the Vulkanija Adventure Park and head to the centre of the Goričko volcano!

Vulkanija stands on the crater of a former volcano and invites you to an experienced journey, where through 3D films and interactive content you will learn about the power of volcanoes, play volcanic games, walk through an lava tube, feel real geodes, take a lift to a depth of 6000 meters and experience an eruption of the Goričko volcano. From the volcanic centre, the little mole Oli will take you back to the surface with his 3D underground train. Next to Vulkanija is the Geological Museum, where you will get to know the olivine crystal and the nature and geology of Goričko. With Oli’s train, however, you can ride through the volcanic landscape and visit the basalt tuff quarry, where you can find olivine crystals.