Filovci 430

Bestow, experience, delight with something noble, toast with PANON wines.

Panon wines from the depths of the Pannonian Sea, from vineyards on the southern sunny slopes of the Pannonian Sea ..., Svarun, Perun, Vesna, Kresnik, ... Morana, jaga baba (hag who flies through the air in a mortar), rusalke (water fairies), the character of the people of this region, pools and whirlpools, the turbulence of Sandi Červeks black paintings, the surrealistic scenes of Vincetičs literary heroes, Muriš and Raza, Lainščeks wandering trapped creatures, Kreslins moist melody are reflected in them.

Where the sky gently kisses the earth on a virgin curve, above the valley, PANON ripens.

We offer tastings with experiences and a beautiful view of the Pannonian Plain.