CAMPER STOP - LAKE BUKOVNICA (Parking for campers and caravans)


Camper stop -  Lake Bukovnica is a modern parking for campers and caravans. There are 15 parking spaces available, and we plan to increase them in the future. 

The camper stop is equipped with electricity, water, toilets, and showers and with the possibility of discharging grey and black water. There is enough space next to each parking space to set up a table and chairs. There is also a childrens playground at the camper stop.

Near the camper stop there is a popular tourist spot of Pomurje, Lake Bukovnica, which is surrounded by forest and offers many possibilities for cycling and walking trails. Near the lake is the chapel of St. Vida and the Vida spring, where water is said to have healing effects. There are 26 energy points that have a beneficial effect on the body and the renewal of vital energies.