Zgornje Konjišče 2
9253 APAČE

Fitness, accommodation, and cuisine in Zgornje Konjišče.

A 36-year-long culinary journey in Vrtnica Guest House is complemented by accommodation and a fitness centre. In our culinary offer you will find seasonal dishes from wild garlic, wild asparagus, mushrooms, chestnuts, and choke berries, as well as excellently prepared fish and meat dishes. We accept up to 90 guests in the inn. In addition to delicious food, we serve excellent wines from local providers.

We have enriched the culinary offer with accommodation. You can choose between rooms with double or single beds. You can take care of a healthy body and a happy soul in our fitness centre or visit the sauna. For your active vacation on the beautiful paths along the river Mura, we take care of guided Nordic walking or cycling, we organize a descent along the river Mura, a picnic in nature or picking wild garlic.

We look forward to your visit, and we promise relaxed, culinary days for all people.